Wild experiences in unique locations

We bring our kitchen to wild settings – orchards, seashores and temples, close to the source of where our food comes from. Our aim is to reconnect diners to the land while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us.

Priory Bay Beach Feast

Priory Bay, Seaview. Isle of Wight

Our Priory Bay feast is located on a small privately-owned bay on the northeast coast of the Isle of Wight and offers a one of a kind, authentic, natural experience that brings together people,…

Temple Fire Feast

West Wycombe Park, Bucks

Exceptional days spent celebrating the very best of the season. The Temple brings together kindred spirits to dine, walk, learn and be immersed in the very best elements that that day of the year…



Rileys came about during the pandemic as a chance to utilise the central space we had sitting empty and get cooking, eating and entertaining again. Riley’s is a humble spot in a Bermondsey industrial…