Meet the Makers: Maison Margaux


After years of struggling to find interesting and beautiful tableware for big events and with the growing popularity of the circular economy and people’s desire to make entertaining at home special and unique, Maison Margaux was born.

Maison Margaux is a luxury British homeware store selling everything from beautiful linens, tableware, candles, cutlery, glassware, bespoke accessories and more. Founded by a team of industry experts, they travel the world to find their clients the most unique pieces each season. From Portugal to Provence, Italy to Istanbul. Everything has been hand-selected by their team, a true labour of love.

We sat down with their Director, Victoria to ask her a few questions about the business and her favourite trends sweeping the events industry.



1) What are the top 3 table scaping trends dominating in 2021?

Colour! People are wanting colourful, happy and vibrant tables. Bamboo cutlery and plates are very popular and anything ‘lemon’ is huge at the moment. Our scalloped edged plates and napkins continue to be a huge hit too.


2) Post-covid, how do you foresee events changing?

Throughout the pandemic, we have been spending our time working on small and exclusive events, small weddings and high-end parties. People have been wanting to make the rare occasions they have to entertain with family and friends as special as possible… and what better way to do that than with a stunning tablescape? We have seen a big increase in larger events since laws have started to relax and have been working with planners on some large weddings and parties. Interestingly, even with bigger numbers returning, clients seem to want their special occasions to be all the more special than they were pre-pandemic. People are being brave with their choices; colours are bright and linens are bold.


3) Can you offer any top tips for styling an event?

We think linens are key. Start with a beautiful tablecloth and some pretty scalloped napkins. Wicker placemats add a relaxed sophistication and are beautifully complemented by our hugely popular bamboo cutlery. Pretty top plates are of course very important – lemon or floral designs are super popular this summer. Finally, elegant accessories can change a table – we like to use beautiful wicker napkin holders and coloured water glasses as final touches.


4) What is a must on every table setting?

A beautiful tablecloth. You don’t need hundreds of plates to make each meal feel unique. A new tablecloth can completely revive your tableware. Mixing up pretty napkins and napkin holders do this even further.


5) What is your go-to midweek supper recipe? 

My go-to supper this summer is so easy..

Pan-fried, panko breadcrumbed feta served with thyme-infused honey, a tomato and jalapeño salad and a chunk of rosemary focaccia bread. And an ice-cold glass of Chardonnay to accompany of course!

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