Radishes with Broad Bean & Goats Curd Dip

Radishes are a member of the mustard family and have a peppery flavour and a crisp, crunchy texture. They are a vegetable that is sometimes hard for people to get excited about but the truth is they are the perfect veg for snacking or adding a little crunch to a salad. Radishes are extremely versatile and can be eaten straight after harvesting. May is the time where radishes are in full season – we love a simple radish crudité with broad bean and goats cheese dip. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a springtime picnic or a party snack and what’s more, is you can eat the leafy part of the radish too.
Radishes with Broad Bean and Goats Curd Dip


2 bunches leafy breakfast radishes
500g peeled broad beans
200g Goats curd
1/4 bunch mint
2 tbsp double cream
50ml olive oil


1) Firstly wash the radish in iced water to get rid of any soil and refresh the leaves.

2) To make the dip blend the remaining ingredients into dip consistency, seasoning with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

3) Place in a bowl and enjoy with the radishes or any other crudité.

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