Our mission is to put people and the planet at the forefront of hospitality creating meaningful experiences that drive positive change.

We are committed to sustainability

Our mission

We are committed to leading the way in sustainability and are developing a Sustainable Event Management System to ensure we measurably work towards our vision “to put people and planet at the forefront of hospitality, creating meaningful experiences that drive positive change.” You can read our policy below.


In November 2023 we achieved certification via a third-party certification body to ISO 14001 (International Standard for Environmental Management) and ISO 20121 (International Standard for Event Sustainability). We are also aligning with B Corp by ensuring we build BIA (B Impact Assessment) scores as we develop our System with a view to applying for B Corp certification later in the year.

Sustainability Policy

Spook specialises in modern hospitality for clients who are looking for a unique catering experience hallmarked by quality and care. Spook was founded by Emily Few Brown, who has an ambitious and committed vision for Spook “to be an industry leader in sustainability and create meaningful and measurable impacts across people, produce and places.”

This policy creates the framework for setting objectives that drive positive change and ensures that we fully engage with the governing principles of sustainable development:

  • Inclusivity: practising the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all interested parties

  • Transparency: being open, honest, accurate and timely in all communications

  • Stewardship: responsibility is shared and practised by all who have an impact on sustainability

  • Integrity: acting professionally and ethically and doing the right thing even when it is challenging

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Spook, and this has now been formalised through the implementation of a Sustainable Event Management System which meets the requirements of International Standards ISO 20121 (Event Sustainability) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

Operating a Sustainable Event Management System (SEMS) ensures that we have robust controls in place to meet all applicable compliance obligations, prevent pollution, protect the environment, andreduce our significant operational impacts. It also ensures that we develop plans to transform sustainability into something that is experienced, leaving a tangible positive legacy for everyone involved.

We have engaged with our key interested parties and evaluated our sustainability hotspots so

informed and targeted actions can be taken to continually improve our sustainability performance.

These include:

  • Evaluating and reducing our carbon footprint in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and setting a timeline to achieve real net zero

  • Increasing resource efficiency by conserving water, reducing energy usage, and undertaking a materials flow analysis to promote sustainable sourcing and reduce waste

  • Working directly with farmers to promote regenerative and seasonal farming to decarbonise the food supply chain and ensure our menus are nutrient-rich and of the highest quality

  • Engaging other key suppliers and working in partnership to source innovative solutions to support the circular economy

  • Including sustainability consultancy as part of our event management process, supporting clients to meet their goals, and measuring how the experience has amplified positive change

  • Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through our supply chains, recruitment processes, and career progression programmes

  • Offering educational experiences for underrepresented groups and individuals to facilitate the learning and development of transferable skills

  • Ensuring every team member is educated on our sustainability vision and how they can contribute to our objectives and plans

  • Actively supporting those United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where we can make the biggest difference

This policy is reviewed annually by senior management and amended where applicable. It is made available to staff, suppliers and other relevant interested parties and is supported by a certified Sustainable Event Management System, which is audited annually by a third-party Certification Body.

Emily Few Brown

Founder & Director
May 2024